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        Contact Us



        MOB:+86 13962780668



        Ductile iron casting professional manufacturers


          Nantong Honest Machinery Co. Ltd is located in the state of Haian County of Jiangsu province national economic development zone in China, which was founded in 2006 June.It is a professional production of ductile iron castings of high tech enterprises. Our company existing staff more than 200 people, all kinds of technical management personnel 30 people.Sacsc covers a total area of 20000 square meters and have assets of 60 million yuan. Casting production capacity has every year 6000 tons, automobile, agricultural machine processed products with annual sales of 30 million yuan.


          The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The main production equipment are Two semi-automatic iron mould coated sand production line, two single cylinder diesel engine crank rough machining production line, two finish machining production line, two sets of 1t intermediate frequency electric furnace, two sets of 0.75T intermediate frequency electric furnace, a total of 10 sets of box type, well type normalizing furnace, salt bath furnace, 4 sets of cleaning equipment. Main testing equipment before the furnace thermal analyzer, platinum germanium - platinum analyzer, iron on electronic said, C - S analyzer, spectral index, impact tester, tensile strength, ultrasonic detection machine, brinell hardness tester, hardness tester, microscope, grinding machine on the Richter scale, sand strength tester, gas tester, multi-purpose electric resistance furnace, etc. The company has perfect and effective quality management and quality control system, can provide customers with high-quality QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600 3, QT700-2, QT800-2 and ADI DouShi - bainite ductile iron casting, machining parts.


          Subsidiary "Nantong Wan Ling Machinery Co., Ltd." is the Yanmar engine (Shandong) Co., Ltd exclusive crankshaft supporting enterprises. The company has self export rights, and some products are exported to USA, Germany, Holland and other countries. Companies with stable quality, continuous improvement, constant innovation for the idea, is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life hand in hand advance together, create a new future.






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